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Monday, August 13, 2007

Some Cheesecake and Some Funny

Just upgraded my portfolio because I had an interview. All'a these were done in Flash, which is getting more and more fun to use. I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have funny comments that I coulda added to each of these pix, but I'm tired and I gotta get to work.


Yer ol' buddy Matt


Custom Coaster said...

I would love to quote a man with my respect to speek of my high thoughts of the drawings that were made here "WABAH WABAH WABAH, check out the hootchy on that Mama!" - Scott "Chachi" Baio Thank you.

CaveMatt said...

Thanks Coaster. Was that Happy Days Chachi or Laverne & Shirley Chachi?

Custom Coaster said...

Oh per Laverne and Shirley, but I think there was some Charles in there.

Look...No Hands said...

yes...these are freakin great!! but why is it that when ever i see your drawings i feel dirty? heh heh

nice stuff man.


Lubomir said...

Duuude, these are nice!