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Friday, August 3, 2007

Random Heads and Funny Aminals

So first of all, California is awesome. I had an amazing time visiting my cousins out there and seeing what sights we got around to. Comicon was pretty overwhelming but I met tonnes of amazing artists and people there. I got to meet Jim Smith of Ren & Stimpy fame, Rik Maki, Joe Bluhme, Stephen Silver, Pascal Campion, Martin Hsu, Jose Lopez, Javier Guzman, Chris Sanders, Robh Ruppel, Doug TenNapel, Tom Smolenski, Ken Christiansen, Brandon McLain, Ted Moon, and Zoe Frasure. Thank you to everyone who looked over my scattershot portfolio and gave me notes on my work. Everyone I met was an education.

Here's some stuff I did in the Baltimore Airport where my flight home got delayed...just some random heads from other people just waiting to go home.

After about 9 hrs of delays some of the other people on the flight(those without sketchbooks or the latest Harry Potter) began to look as desperate as this duck.

There's still something weirdly funny to me about the idea of a drawing committing suicide. Then of course there's these idiots again...they just get more fun to draw.



DaLe said...

we can see who influenced you on this trip, have you seen john k's new commercial? great work

love the colours on the last drawing, especially that red lined deer

CaveMatt said...

Hey Dale! Yeah I kinda wear my influences pretty openly. That new commercial is really great.

I Drew That? said...

Lovin it all Matt!!!

keep it coming.

Jeff Y.S

Rich Dannys said...

I like the Random Heads a lot.. Strong work!

Jeezus, NINE hours worth of flight delays?!! That's enough to make anyone crazy, I'd say!

I always flew in & out of LAX, when I went down to ComicCon.. Rent a car in L.A., and take the drive down to San Diego, myself.. Less stressful! heh
Plus, it works out good.. if (like me) you want to hang out in Lost Angeles, afterwards..

CaveMatt said...

Rich, you gotta be the only man alive who finds driving in LA less stressful.