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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Funny Aminal Faces

I want the 90s back when people were still making shows like Cow & Chicken. Man, I loved that cartoon.

Well, at least we've still got Spongebob and Iggy Arbuckle.


Custom Coaster said...

I always love those eyes that you used for the dog, well those are the only eyes I use really, still great stuff!!

Look...No Hands said...

man you just keep gettin better and better aint ya.

nice work man!!


CaveMatt said...

Yeah Coaster. The pie-slice eyes are still cool. Have you seen El Tigre yet? They use 'em on that alot too.

Jeff muh'man. It's been waaaaaay to long since we hung out. Thanks for the undeserved praise man. Cheers.

DaLe said...

the dog is fantastic sir! specially that lip bite