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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gorgeous Creatures

"Do YOU wanna have a BABY with ME!?"
No lie. After maybe 5 minutes of small talk, this bewitching thing asked of me this question. She moved fast, I'll give her that, but not fast enough to block the exits.
Starvation wears a flapper dress.
Some girls just think you're trying to mug them. Of course it would probably help if I took off the ski mask.

Well gang that's enough for now. Hopefully it won't be so long till my next post.


Lee said...

Those are brilliant Matt! (And if you weren't such a hunk-of-a-man then maybe the chicks wouldn't be so forward!)

Love the crazed look on the first one's face!

Bingu Ratnapala said...

Hey matt! this is my first time on your blog i believe! how did ya know i had a blog? :)...anyway thanks for the crits and i wanted to say niiiice drawings, the first one of this series is my favourite...seriously deranged man! :D...wanna see more of her for sure! and did she really say that???? dude, thats awesome!

DaLe said...

love that top one, expression is great