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Sunday, February 11, 2007

some junk

I love this drawing I did of Bugs. It was a rough I did for Cleanup and Inbtwning class that I ultimately rejected because the eyes are way out of Spongebob and that's off model for the bunny. I still kept it tho, cuz it tickles me.
More freckled gals.
And a random schmoe.


Lubomir said...

That's an awesome expression on Bugs Matt, I have a strong liking for intense squinty eyes. I actually failed that you have Fabi teaching?

Anyhow, hope everythigns a-jivalin' !

CaveMatt said...

Fabi's great! I've gotten a lot better under her hawk-like gaze. Still not good, but better. Always improving. Anyway, man great to hear from ya. We gotta get together soon and do some scribbles. It's work week next week, so I should make the Wednesday cartoon club meeting.

Lee said...

I can only hope, that one day I can draw as well as your "junk" drawings!