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Saturday, March 24, 2007

One Ornery Cuss

Once in awhile I play with colour. I don't do nearly any colour work and I need to start playing with it more. The drawing is old but I did the colour last night. Gang, I know you guys can kick my colour blind ass, so please gimme some wisdom.


evan said...

eehh matt its evan. it was cool chattin with you on sunday! i really dig your stuff. i wanted to ask you something. A friend of mine and I screen print tees and have some idea's for characters, thats where you come in. i know your super busy but if you wanna talk about our idea's eamil me at . if not keep it up! keep scribblin

Juanma said...

i like the face, the colour!

Kelly Conley said...

I love the fun you're having with the colour. As you know, I'm a big advocate of bright, crazy colours. My only advice is to stay consistant with the rendering style throughout the figure. But really man, great original work here!

CaveMatt said...

Thanks Kelly, I see what you mean. I think the upper half really works but,looking at it now, the legs look off because I didn't use any blending there.

Missy said...

Like Kelly said, the face is much more realistically rendered than the rest of him, so it looks off. I really like how you just sort of through random colour together on his face and made it work. I would keep playing with that technique if I were you.