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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Li'l Red

The Woodsman.
His Truck.
His Dog. The early temptation with this guy was to go with a Big Black dog, but I thought this one looked more appealling... Well, I've still gotta finish Granny's car and then I'll post her and maybe some rough BG studies.


Juanma said...

Matt Mate these red riding hood Drag race designs (colour included)are fantastic!(love the title card)
the cars look great and are very well done ,Your stuffs growing tremendously.
Now what is this Concept design class you´re in???
and also...can u explain to me what you meant on the comment on my blog? arts and crafts circle??

I Drew That? said...

HOLY CRAP MATT!!! Its been a while man. How has every thing been. Just checking out your new stuff, OMG!!! This work is beautiful. I hear that Frank has been giving you some flash lessons. Let me tell you, I could do for some of those. Let me know when It is you guys meet up and I will start coming out. Please, for the sake of man kind, keep it up.