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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ladies Love My Anatomy...studies

The crotch shot is always a crowd-pleaser.
Model today: Skeletor

Some looser, life drawing stuff. Applying anatomy.

Looks like a job for CSI.
Noodlemen, gesture madness. 1min. each.

A spooky Ol' tonal study of a draped manniquin.
I never usually post this kinda stuff, but I'm prepping a portfolio and so I archived a bunch of it on my computer and I just sorta figured I'd throw it up for the Hell of it. It's all classroom stuff.


DaLe said...

life drawing is the essence of everything else. i just started alittle while back after not doing since i left school, 5 years ago! maxine would eat my brains for that.

great stuff chico, some of those longer gestures are killer

CaveMatt said...

Thanks Dale. Hey congradulations on your performance in Lumberjack vs. Hippie. I just finished watching it. Best webshort I've seen.

DaLe said...

ha! the congrats should go to andrew (the director) he made it happen, he only had to put up with me for an hour.

hey are you fine gents joining in at the toronto con again? im a big shot now with my own table, & shan is sharing one with a friend of his, you guys should do it again, it was fun

Lee said...

Matt, these are FABULOUS! (Though I'm surprised you'd feature a male pelvis as your first image!)

Your life drawings feel very vibrant to me. And the one minute ones take my breath away!

Thanks for sharing!

CaveMatt said...

Sorry Lee, I couldn't find any close ups of boobs. I know, I'm as surprised as you are. But I think that's an appropriate first pic given the title.