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Friday, February 20, 2009


Couldn't sleep, so I inked some doodles, as an ape-faced neanderthal, I take great pride in drawing the ugly.


Rich Dannys said...

Nice stuff, Matt.. Nice to finally see an update! hah

Guy on Top Left, kinda looks like a decrepit Robert Mitchum.. Was that intentional?

The disturbing guy on the 2nd Page (Right) strikes me as kind of a Human version of WB's "Beaky Buzzard" character.. He looks extemely demented!

CaveMatt said...

Thanks Rich ol' buddy ol' pal, I love Beaky Buzzard, and I thought the other feller looked a li'l like Mitchum too, but without lookin for photo reference I couldn't quite complete it. I'm hopin to have some painted versions of these done soon and I'll post em then, some girls drawins should be comin soon too.

Kelly Conley said...

You shore' do love the ugly. Veins in the nose. That is a particularly hideous feature. These would look so great with colour. Why won't you colour these!!!???