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Thursday, April 24, 2008


More stuff from the portfolio.


Joseph Lee said...

Fun backgrounds! Love the very energetic and fun perspective!

Kelly Conley said...

Those foreground elements in the living room seem really dramatic and eery. I love it. Your sense of style is wicked.

CaveMatt said...

JL- Thanks, what perspective? Fun is radically underrated these days.

KC- We've hung out. You've seen how I dress. I don't have style. I just steal.

Lee said...

So much fun! Love them.

Thanks for sharing.

DaLe said...

i want to animate in your backgrounds, it would be the opposite of boring

good to hear from ya, montreal's great, back at the nfb on another stereoscopic film, i procreated & its due in 3 months ahh! & i have a show of my lady work on april 3. ive been quite occupied, so bloooggin has taken the trunk seat.

guess youve met Jim at Smiley, make him smile :3