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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bronson Revision

Bronson Take 2. Ready for more feedback.


Lubomir said...

Holy crap, awesome caricatures Matt! You're getting better all the time, it's really inspiring to see. Do you still go to Max?

Since you asked for feedback I'll pitch you my two cents. I'd say add the fold of the screen-left collar so it looks more finished, as opposed to having just one collar. Also, the top of the hair looks a little like a hat only because at the back of the head you have that line tucked in thus creating the illusion of a separate object on his head. You might wanna try finding a different way of finishing the hair swerve there. I hope that helps, if not then don't ask for feed back "Matt"! lol

Anyhow, my milk's getting cold, take care.

Missy said...

You're using a lot of really bold line work lately, I like it :)

CBFanClub said...

Awesome pic! I would like to request your permission to use it on a web page, and as an avatar in the MMP online game Fallen Sword. We would of course site you as the artist. Please post a follow up comment and let me know what you think.
Thanks Lilandra
Web Mistress and CBFan

CaveMatt said...

Geez I haven't been here for awhile! Gonna hafta throw some new stuff up today...

Thanks CBFan. Use the pic in good health.