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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Got Nuthin'

So, here's a character I made up in flash. Just practicin'. It's actually a rework of one I did in summer, I just pushed it a li'l further.
Some quick head sketches from HotFuzz. I used them to warm up on cleaning up with the brush in Flash.

Pretty basic exercise from Character Design class. Three characters from personality descriptions in a line up, one view. Here's my take on them. All nicely Cleaned up.

Hope y'all are fine and spending your weekend doin' anythin' but homework. I gotta draw naked people for three hours this afternoon, so here's hopin' its a girl ;)



Rich Dannys said...

The Head Sketches and Character Lineup turned out real nice, Matt.. I like seeing your constructed/volume-y stuff!

Good Luck with the Life Drawings.. That stuff can get tedious, now and then.. But it's an important stage in developing those Fundamental Drawing skills..

CaveMatt said...

Thanks Rich! I wish there were more cartoons out there that used that more rounded, solid look. I love the flat stuff too, but you don't need a steady diet of it.